Sunday, 18 November 2012

DIY Galaxy Shoes

I decided to make a pair of galaxy shoes for my best friend for Christmas (and a pair for me too!). I used this nebula image as inspiration. A quick image search for 'nebula' on Google will give you some great ideas.


Shoes, preferably black or dark blue
Acrylic paint - I chose dark blue, purple and white but you can pick any nebula-like colours
Waterproof spray

Start off by removing the laces from the shoes to keep them nice and clean. You can also tape over the eyelets and rubber to keep the paint off, but I decided to just go for it and clean off the excess paint with acetone at the end.

With your sponge, dab your first colour paint onto your shoe in a nebula like shape. Do this all over the shoe and try to keep your nebulas all different shapes and sizes. Do this with the rest of your colours, gently layering them. You can't really mess up this step. Just keep going until you think they look nebula like.

Next, dip your paintbrush into the white paint. Hold your brush horizontally over your shoe and gently tap the brush close to the bristles. This creates a splatter effect that looks like stars. Do this all over your shoe with as many or as little stars as you like. I think the more the better.

Once this is dry, we can create bigger stars to make your shoes really pop. I'm not very artistic, so for my stars I painted a thin + and lightly dabbed paint around its middle to make it look like a glowing star. Randomly scatter a few of these over your shoes.
Once your shoes are dry, gently remove unwanted paint from the eyelets and rubber using acetone.

Give your shoes a good coating of waterproof spray. Wait for this to dry and give it another 1-2 sprays. Your shoes will be splash proof, but I don't recommend jumping in any puddles. 

Once dry, rethread your laces and you're done!

All that's left is to slip on these bad boys and enjoy your one of a kind shoes. 

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